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Committed to Our Customers

Our customer initiatives have given us the reputation for reliable delivery and quality services.

Our team understands that you as our customer are under constant pressure to deliver your own products faster. Short lead times are essential in today’s world, and turnaround time is a primary focus of that. Every facet of Acceleron’s business works towards not only meeting your needs but exceeding them. From our Continuous Improvement strategies, to our Training Programs, and complete in-house Machine Shop, we’re the most reliable electron beam and laser welding company around.

Our Services

Electron Beam Welding

Providing some of the highest quality welds, electron beam welding is incredibly strong and can be applied to diverse applications. Acceleron utilizes 15 electron beam machines in various size chambers, and can deliver a fast turnaround.

Laser Welding & Services

Acceleron operates 8 lasers and an in-house quality control & inspection team in order to ensure the workmanship is the highest quality possible. Our facilities are fully equipped with the necessary support equipment to quickly deliver custom projects.

From Our Customers

In dealing with the production of complex fabrication and precision machining, there are key factors that a manufacturer relies on in order to fulfill the promises made to an end-customer; these being exceptional lead times, reliability through strong communication, and most importantly the execution of quality assurance when handling product. My experience in dealing with Acceleron has been positive from the start and I am looking forward to strengthening the relationship through new joined ventures and continued support on all new product implementation.

J. K. - Coordinator - Machining and Manufacturing Company

Over the past several years we have used Acceleron for critical welding requirements including those for our company. We have been extremely impressed with their capability, experience, and level of customer service. The Acceleron team works with us every step of the way from development through production, just the type of supplier that considers their customer a partner in their business. Acceleron is an exceptional company that I highly recommend.

G. C. - Sales Manager - Manufacturing Company

Acceleron has been a preferred vendor of ours for almost 20 years. We have seen our relationship strengthen and grow since 1997 due to the commitment to quality, delivery, and competitive pricing. It’s vendors like Acceleron, who are willing to invest in themselves, that make a dependable and imperative link in our supply chain. “Your” priority becomes “their” priority. Thank you for your many years of impeccable service.

T. M. - Vice President - Computerized Manufacturing Company

Our manufacturing company has worked with Acceleron for over 20 years. In that time we have developed numerous E Beam welds. Acceleron has always been, and continue to be, customer focused, working with all parties involved to achieve the desired results in a timely manner.

B. D. - Engineering Manager - Aerospace Manufacturer

Acceleron has been a pleasure to work with over the past 7 years. Over these years our company has developed a view of Acceleron as more of a business partner than a supplier. After a few events we have used cellular manufacturing methodologies to streamline production and information flow. Acceleron has been flexible in supporting the ebbs and flows of production and very receptive to continuous improvement across organization walls. This has allowed us to achieve shorter lead times and reduced cost to better support the end customer. I look forward to growing our business with Acceleron in years to come.

S. V. - Purchasing Agent - Engineered Products Company

I am always impressed with the service I get from people at Acceleron. The people listen carefully and jump on the issues at hand, from urgent delivery requests to quotations. They respond to questions almost immediately and address problems very effectively. They are really easy to work with and appreciate their customers. Acceleron make my job a lot easier.

J. B. - Director of Production - Aerospace Manufacturer

We have been using Acceleron for 2 years now… From the get go we felt we were taken care of as though we were a top customer. In the Med Device world lead time is critical…We as contract manufactures run into challenges in manufacturing these devices in a timely manner, using up most of the lead time. We had ourselves in a couple of binds with this project and Mike always assured me that you and your team would help us out with fast turns on the parts without hesitation, and with complete understanding of our situation. Acceleron has always come through…and made sure we were taken care of. I deal with a lot of suppliers and most do not do this and they want to charge expedite fees…Acceleron has definitely provided great customer service.

D. H. - Purchasing Agent - Medical Device Manufacturing Company

[We] could not say enough good things about Acceleron, you, your welder and all involved.   Thank you for your attention and overall expertise.  We will be coming back in the future!

K. H. - Director - Aerospace Manufacturer