Accelerated Response Initiative

Our Premium Customer Delivery Program

Time is important to everyone. At Acceleron we understand that our customers are under constant pressure to deliver their products faster than ever before. Shorter lead times are a must, and turnaround time has become a primary metric of success. In 2015, we launched our “Accelerated Response” campaign to refocus our business to meet this need, and it’s been a resounding success. While execution of our Accelerated Response program requires mutual investment from Acceleron, and our customer, participating customers enjoy lead times significantly shorter than industry standard, up to same day! If this program could benefit your company, reach out to us for more details.

Our Difference

What does this mean for you?

Lean Practices – Continuous Improvement has been the cornerstone of improving our business on all levels since 2009. We strive to be the best; Lean Practices give us the tools to do just that. We are focused on a daily basis with improving such things as our work environment, equipment, weld processes, work flow etc.

Training Program – To best serve our customers, it is essential to meet or beat, all of our promised delivery dates. One key element to our success is our training program. Extensive cross training and cross qualification builds the scheduling flexibility to meet all of our commitments.

Tool Design – 98% of all tooling and fixtures used to hold and manipulate your parts for welding are designed by our engineering staff. As a team, our engineering staff works closely with our top welders in providing the best, most efficient concepts in providing tooling and fixture solutions quickly.

Quality Assurance – Nadcap Certified

Final inspection – Utilizing our “Best Practices” model, all in-process parts are initially inspected by the weld technician to watch for any possible discrepancies as they may occur. In addition, all welds are looked at a second time by another certified inspector. This is just another way to ensure we are providing the highest quality workmanship possible.

Met Lab – Pratt certified LCS Met lab provides us the opportunity to cross-section and verify that our welds meet the specification requirements the same day. Please note, that all initial qualifications do require us to send samples out to an independent lab.

Maintenance Dept – Operating 15 Electron Beam Machines, our maintenance team is critical in upholding our “Accelerated Response” efforts.

Equipment upgrades – Our state-of-the-art equipment is essential to our success. That’s why we continuously invest, year after year, upgrading and standardizing. We want to make sure our customers have the best, most reliable welding service possible.

Preventative maintenance – Using Lean Principles we have put together an extensive PM program which has had a considerable impact in improving our lead times as well as meeting our promised delivery dates.

Machine Shop – We have all the necessary CNC equipment to support our tooling and fixture commitments, new builds as well as repairs as needed.

Modifying customer details – There are those occasions when component details do not fit together as intended, and rather than sending parts back to our customer for re-work, we can modify them in-house, potentially saving days of lost schedule time.

2 Shifts – Operating 2 shifts  gives us added flexibility to reduce lead times and meet delivery commitments to our customers. This is important to us because it’s important to the customers that we serve. We believe that our business is an extension of your business, the better we can do for you; the better you can do for your customer.

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With shorter lead times than ever before, Acceleron is dedicated to delivering the best service to our customers like no other company can.

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