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Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace & Defense: Electron beam and laser welding are key manufacturing methods for the aerospace industry. The exceptional energy density in beam welding allow for welds with a high aspect ratio and extremely low distortion in almost any material. Its ability to weld in locations inaccessible to other processes make the welding of near finished details possible.


Due to their precise nature, electron beam welding and laser welding are preferable for medical devices. It can encompass a wide range of applications for custom components as well as mass-produced biomedical products. Parts can also be joined in a finished machined condition.

Industrial Process Control

If your application needs repeatable controlled results, from hermetic sealing of ultra-thin diaphragms to fabricating complex valve bodies, Acceleron can support your industrial process control manufacturing requirements.

Power Generation

As design for greater efficiencies evolve the types of metal joining methods used in manufacturing become more critical. Acceleron is out in front with metal joining services providing metallurgically superior solutions.

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