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Quality Electron beam welding, laser welding, cutting, drilling & marking

As America’s largest, privately owned electron beam welding and laser facility, our team is ready to assist.

With over 40 years of experience, a total of 45,000 square feet of manufacturing space between two facilities and operating two shifts, we will not only meet your needs but exceed them. We focus on added flexibility to reduce lead times and meet delivery commitments to our customers. This is important to us because it’s important to the customers that we serve. We believe that our business is an extension of your business, the better we can do for you the better you can do for your customer.

  • Quality & Inspection

    Utilizing our “Best Practices” model, all in-process parts are inspected by the weld technician. All parts are then reviewed by a separate inspector. This redundancy is our way of ensuring that only the highest level of workmanship arrives at your door.

  • Workstation Standardization

    Each workstation has been standardized and outfitted with the tools and equipment required to process and inspect every job. This reduces waste and supports our commitment to maintaining fast turnaround times.

  • Machine Standardization and Upgrades

    As part of continuous improvement, Acceleron is committed to upgrading machinery and hardware to support a state-of-the-art facility. This has been an ongoing investment year after year.

  • Maintenance

    With a team of four full time technicians, down time is kept to a minimum. We have an extensive PM plan in place second to none along with constant standardization and upgrades to keep our equipment at peak performance. Our maintenance team is critical in maintaining our “Accelerated Response” initiative.

  • Continuous Improvement

    Acceleron strives to constantly make improvements using Lean Manufacturing Principles. This includes 6S, Kaizen events, Visual Instructions and Training.

Electron Beam Welding

  • Welding power capabilities up to 25KW producing up to 2.5” depth of penetration in a single pass
  • Machines are equipped with CNC beam and motion capabilities
  • 15 EBW machines with chamber sizes ranging up to 60” W x 72” H x 108” L

Laser Beam Welding & Services

  • High power density (on the order of 1MW/cm2) resulting in small heat affected zones and high heating and cooling rates
  • A continuous or pulsed laser beam may be used depending upon the application.
  • Process is easily automated with robotic machinery

Maintenance Department

Operating 15 Electron Beam Machines, our maintenance team is critical in upholding our “Accelerated Response” efforts.

Equipment upgrades – Our state-of-the-art equipment is essential to our success. That’s why we continuously invest, year after year, upgrading and standardizing. We want to make sure our customers have the best, most reliable welding service possible.

Preventative maintenance – Using Lean Principles we have put together an extensive PM program which has had a considerable impact on improving our equipment reliability resulting in enhanced “beam on” times ensuring we meet or exceed our promised delivery dates.

From Our Customers

In dealing with the production of complex fabrication and precision machining, there are key factors that a manufacturer relies on in order to fulfill the promises made to an end-customer; these being exceptional lead times, reliability through strong communication, and most importantly the execution of quality assurance when handling product. My experience in dealing with Acceleron has been positive from the start and I am looking forward to strengthening the relationship through new joined ventures and continued support on all new product implementation.

J. K. - Coordinator - Machining and Manufacturing Company

Over the past several years we have used Acceleron for critical welding requirements including those for our company. We have been extremely impressed with their capability, experience, and level of customer service. The Acceleron team works with us every step of the way from development through production, just the type of supplier that considers their customer a partner in their business. Acceleron is an exceptional company that I highly recommend.

G. C. - Sales Manager - Manufacturing Company

Acceleron has been a preferred vendor of ours for almost 20 years. We have seen our relationship strengthen and grow since 1997 due to the commitment to quality, delivery, and competitive pricing. It’s vendors like Acceleron, who are willing to invest in themselves, that make a dependable and imperative link in our supply chain. “Your” priority becomes “their” priority. Thank you for your many years of impeccable service.

T. M. - Vice President - Computerized Manufacturing Company

Our manufacturing company has worked with Acceleron for over 20 years. In that time we have developed numerous E Beam welds. Acceleron has always been, and continue to be, customer focused, working with all parties involved to achieve the desired results in a timely manner.

B. D. - Engineering Manager - Aerospace Manufacturer

Acceleron has been a pleasure to work with over the past 7 years. Over these years our company has developed a view of Acceleron as more of a business partner than a supplier. After a few events we have used cellular manufacturing methodologies to streamline production and information flow. Acceleron has been flexible in supporting the ebbs and flows of production and very receptive to continuous improvement across organization walls. This has allowed us to achieve shorter lead times and reduced cost to better support the end customer. I look forward to growing our business with Acceleron in years to come.

S. V. - Purchasing Agent - Engineered Products Company

I am always impressed with the service I get from people at Acceleron. The people listen carefully and jump on the issues at hand, from urgent delivery requests to quotations. They respond to questions almost immediately and address problems very effectively. They are really easy to work with and appreciate their customers. Acceleron make my job a lot easier.

J. B. - Director of Production - Aerospace Manufacturer

We have been using Acceleron for 2 years now… From the get go we felt we were taken care of as though we were a top customer. In the Med Device world lead time is critical…We as contract manufactures run into challenges in manufacturing these devices in a timely manner, using up most of the lead time. We had ourselves in a couple of binds with this project and Mike always assured me that you and your team would help us out with fast turns on the parts without hesitation, and with complete understanding of our situation. Acceleron has always come through…and made sure we were taken care of. I deal with a lot of suppliers and most do not do this and they want to charge expedite fees…Acceleron has definitely provided great customer service.

D. H. - Purchasing Agent - Medical Device Manufacturing Company

[We] could not say enough good things about Acceleron, you, your welder and all involved.   Thank you for your attention and overall expertise.  We will be coming back in the future!

K. H. - Director - Aerospace Manufacturer

Facilities List

Electron Beam Welding

  • 15 state-of-the-art electron beam machines with available power up to 25 kW and up to 8 axis CNC motion and beam controls
  • (3) Large chambers up to 60″ W x 72″ H x 108″ L, with full IKE and CNC capabilities up to 8 axis
  • (9) Medium chambers, 56″ W x 36″ H x 36″ L, operational in manual & CNC mode
  • (3) Small chambers, 23″ W x 24″ H x 28″ L, packaged with quick pumping systems for high volume work throughput
  • Welding can be performed on parts ranging from a few thousandths thick up to several inches.

Lasers (welding, cutting, drilling & marking)

  • Full CNC welding capabilities from .002″ to .075″ depth of penetration with max 24″ x 18″ working envelope (larger parts accommodated depending on configuration).
  • Flat sheet stock 2-axis cutting capabilities using a 4’ x 8’ cut bed: .320 thick Aluminum, .500” stainless steel, .750” mild steel, nickel alloys, .450 holding a tolerance of +/- .003” (depending upon material type and thickness)
  • Percussion hole drilling .002” to .100” diameter up to .100” thick (depending upon material type and thickness)
  • Single shot hole drilling “on the fly” .001” to .008” diameter up to .025” thick (depending upon material type and thickness)
  • Laser marking up to .040” depth within a 4.5” square area
  • Laser engraving, within 7.5” square area

Welding Miscellaneous

  • Miller Maxstar with Intellitig 4 controller GTAW
  • Miller Syncrowave 300 GTAW
  • Miller Dynasty 350 equipped with a WF3 wire feed system GTAW
  • Pulsarc 10-100 with fully integrated CNC lathe GTAW
  • (6) Variable power resistance tack welding systems
  • Plasma cutting system
  • Oxy-Acetylene cutting, welding & brazing equipment
  • Oxy-Hydrogen brazing & soldering equipment

Machine Shop

  • (1) Trak K4SX-3 CNC knee milling machine
  • (1) Trak DPMSX3P CNC bed milling machine
  • (1) Trak 1440ELX CNC lathe
  • (1) Trak TRL1745 CNC lathe
  • (1) Chevalier Machine FSG-3A818 CNC surface grinder
  • Hydraulic press, multiple manual presses & band saws

Calibration and Inspection Equipment

  • (1) Karl Storz Borescope, Techno-pack 2 12″ monitor with various attachments
  • (17) Stereo Zoom lens microscopes
  • (1) Olympus PME3 up to 500X power microscope with image analysis software
  • (1) Olympus SZX10 up to 63X power microscope with image analysis software
  • (1) Mitutoyo non-contact image measuring system to within ±.0002″
  • (2) Nikon V-12 profile projector with Heidenhain Quadra-chek DRO
  • (10) Inspection surface plates
  • Rockwell hardness test machine
  • Miscellaneous calipers, micrometers, dial indicators, height gages etc.

Metallurgical Laboratory

  • (1) Buehler hot mounting press
  • (4) Buehler polishing stations
  • (2) Abrasive cut-off wheels
  • (1) Low-speed cut-off saw
  • Full acid etching capabilities

Helium Mass Spectrometers

  • (2) Alcatel – Aixen ASM graph SM 142
  • (1) Varian – 979 Helium Leak Detector
  • (1) Varian – 956

Support Equipment

  • Abrasive cut-off wheels
  • (3) Ovens for pre-heat or stress relief; 1 High temperature (1200°F)
  • Ultrasonic degreasing units
  • Down Draft Tables
  • Micro Blaster
  • Monitored 24-hour security system

Heavy Duty Equipment

  • Fork Truck (4000 lb)
  • Fork Truck (5000 lb)
  • Overhead Crane (4000 lb)
  • ¾ ton Delivery Van

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