Laser Welding & Services

Superior laser welding, cutting, drilling & marking

Capable of a wide array of applications, laser beam technology makes possible the newest and most efficient production processes. Acceleron works across many industry sectors to deliver superior laser welding, cutting, drilling and marking services around the world. Laser processes are increasingly in demand offering diverse capabilities, delivering a multitude of benefits for companies in medical, aerospace, automotive, commercial and other fields.

  • Laser Welding
    Ultimate Precision

    Our state-of-the-art machinery and technology offer high accuracy and control, with the ability to process the smallest of parts. Laser technology also offers high strength welds, ideal for applications where safety of parts is critical.

  • Complex Projects Made Easy

    Laser technology makes it possible to handle complicated jobs with ease. It can be used to join dissimilar materials, as well as reaching areas that would be too difficult with other traditional techniques.

  • Consistent & Repeatable

    Our lasers allow for consistent, repeatable welds, cuts, holes or marking to be made both quickly and efficiently. This versatility is advantageous to our customers because we can handle large volumes of parts in a short timeframe.

Our Capabilities

  • Full CNC welding capabilities from .002” to .075” depth of penetration with a maximum 24” x 18” working envelope (larger parts can be accommodated depending on configuration).
  • Flat sheet stock 2-axis cutting capabilities using 4′ x 8′ cut bed: .320″ thick aluminum, .500″ stainless alloys, .750″ mild steel, .450″ nickel & cobalt alloys, holding tolerances of +/- .003″ (depending upon material type and thickness).
  • Percussion hole drilling .002” to .100” diameter up to .100” thick (depending upon material type and thickness).
  • Single shot hole drilling “on the fly” .001” to .008” diameter up to .025” thick (depending upon material type and thickness).
  • Laser marking up to .040” depth within a 4.5” square area.
  • Laser engraving, within 7.5” square area.

Laser Welding Services

How Laser Beam Welding Works

Like electron beam welding (EBW), laser beam welding has high power density (on the order of 1MW/cm2) resulting in small heat affected zones and high heating and cooling rates. The spot size of the laser can vary between 0.2 mm and 13mm, though only smaller sizes are used for welding. The depth of penetration is proportional to the amount of power supplied, but is also dependent on the location of the focal point: penetration is maximized when the focal point is slightly below the surface of the work piece.

A continuous or pulsed laser beam may be used depending upon the application. Milliseconds long pulses are used to weld thin materials such as razor blades while continuous laser systems are employed for deep welds. Some of the advantages of LBW in comparison to EBW are as follows:

  • The laser beam can be transmitted through air rather than requiring a vacuum,
  • The process is easily automated with robotic machinery,
  • X-rays are not generated.

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